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Hello, and welcome to "Purple Fuse". Explore the life and mind of a young woman with a passion for arts, drawing, music, and much more. This is where I write about my dreams and insperation. I'm a dreamer with a strong will. ... Read more

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tiny time Monday, February 1, 2010 @ 1:56 PM
Name: Sarah
Sign: Aquarius
Location: United States
Likes: Art, drawing, anime, painting, music, video games, Playstaion, hilarious tv shows, cute things, food

color: black, royal purple, lavender, ruby
Food:chicken lo mein, Chinese food, chicken stir fry, anything fried, sweet desserts, cake, pie
Music: R&B, rock, metal, classical, anything that sounds good.

Hey all, my name is Sarah.
This blog is dedicated to things I like. Which is mostly my artwork and drawing, video games, animations I create, and a bit of what goes on in my life.

I have a youtube account where I upload videos of my animations and some of my gameplays. Check that out. If you noticed I also have an online shop on etsy that is also call "Purple Fuse" like this blog. It's mostly handmade things that I make. If you have any questions leave a comment. I don't have an email for people to send there questions and comments for now.

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