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tiny time Tuesday, February 27, 2018 @ 10:30 AM
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Easter is coming soon. I stopped buy my local Dollar Tree to do this project right before my big move that I was about to go through. I move all the way across the country. From New York to Oregon. Living comfortable there now.

For this DIY project I got plastic Easter eggs. They have ones shaped like cute bunnies at Dollar Tree. Some candy. They had these Reese shaped Easter egg also got from the dollar tree. Any kind of candy will do as long as it fits in the Easter egg. And I got some alphabet beads.

Basically all I did was take this chocolate, put it inside the Easter eggs. Then I took some stretchy string and stung the alphabet beads into the string and tied it around the Easter eggs. I spelled my name using the alphabet beads but you can spell any word you want.

I uploaded a short little video of me doing this DIY project.

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