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tiny time Saturday, February 15, 2014 @ 4:38 PM
I've been spending most of my time studying to have time for blogging. Next week is winter break though, yay! Just in time for my birthday too! Also, something big might be happening soon. I don't want to say what exactly it is because I might jinx it. So you'll have to wait and see if it happens. Here's some stuff that happen to me this past 2 months.
IMG_7058 copy
My boyfriend got me the RWBY series DVD as a Valentine's Day present along with my favorite Lindt Chocolate truffles!
IMG_7061 copy
IMG_7092 copy
IMG_7099 copy
IMG_7090 copy
Sledding belly flop style.
IMG_7094 copy
IMG_7106 copy
My nephew checking out a book while we wait for our food.
IMG_7109 copy
IMG_7111 copy
IMG_7018 copy
Flowers from my sweet boyfriend :)
pizza copy
I made my very own pizza.

โ™ฅ Relieved
The Last if Us press start menu
ยป Eating: Spaghetti and cornbread
ยป Drinking: water

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