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tiny time Saturday, February 2, 2013 @ 10:05 AM
Completely new items will son be added to my website in the next few days and weeks. I'm really excited to get to work at it. Sometimes my procrastination gets the best of me or the internet starts calling me and I get distracted. But it doesn't happen as much as it use to. I'm starting to treat it like a real full time job. Here are some things I recently added.

Rocker Pearl Spike Necklace

Autumn Floral Stud Earring Set

Elegant Goth Skull Red Crystal Dangle Earrings

Tripple Loop Silver Spike Choker Necklace

I know you might be thinking "are you going goth?". Well it's not that at all ;) I'll be adding different styles soon and I'll keep making my cutesy charms too. All of these are currently available PurpleFuse.

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The Dress Looks Nice on You / Make You Feel That Way (f. Gift of Gab)
ยป Eating: Bagel

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