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tiny time Saturday, September 8, 2012 @ 9:34 AM
Okay I don't know what happened to this post before but somehow it disappeared.

So I have been doing my Abnormal Alliance series since September of 2011 and working hard on the animation. And with little resources I had, I manged to keep at it. Unforgettably in the Machinima system, being successful all relays on how popular you are.

I'm aware of how easy it is to be popular on Machinima and it has nothing to do with how talented you are. Swear like a sailor, be as vulgar as possible, and make your humor appealing to 12 year olds. Just make sure the video is high quality too. And having a group of people to work with you helps too. Since it's just me doing 99% of the work, it just makes it that much harder on me.

Yes, I can do that, it's simple and less complicated then creating valuable content. I just didn't want to stoop to that level of being cheap to get noticed. It's better this way anyway. I'd rather have a large group of fans who appreciate what I create then a bunch of immature nerdlings who just want to see boobs and things blow up.

This in no way means I'm giving up on the series. In fact I have decided to finish this episode eventually and continue the series on my own channel in spite of Machinima. Don't know when it's gonna be done but I'm not giving up just because I feel that I wasn't valued by this company. Yeah, so look forward for updates in the future about Abnormal Alliances.

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