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tiny time Friday, August 3, 2012 @ 11:39 AM
It's been a looong while since I posted about my Etsy shop. Need to get in the habit of doing that more. There's a local fair in my area that I will be attending. I've been working hard to prepare for it. Invested over $100 for it (I was lucky to even have that much spare money at the time).

Making jewelry every day, doing little things to prepare that will ad up. This is good motivation because I've been slaking with my shop since I was putting most of my free time in making animations. But time is money and I have to hold off on that for a while. Especially since its so time consuming and I'm not really benefiting from it.

My desk is always piled up with junk cause I'm always working here. Eat here, work here, play here.

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