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tiny time Thursday, June 7, 2012 @ 2:23 PM
Hey everyone! It's been a while. So for a while now, I've had a dilemma on finding a male voice actor. I know that before I said I found one and recorded episode 1 with his voice, but soon after, he became really unreliable so I had to find a new guy. I'm happy to say that I found a guy, DemonInquisition with a great voice who's helping me. I was surprised at how fast he got the script done.

That's a little fast preview of the episode ^_^. Right now I'm currently animating the second episode. It's going to be smoother then the first one, with a little more frames per second.

With the first episode, I was experimenting with what worked and what didn't work. (Kinda did that with the pilot episode too.) Learned a lot. Like not adding background music at all was a no no.I plan on doing Nariko's voice with her accent this time. And I want to have some background music that's earthshaking for the action scene.

That's all I gotta say right now. Stay tuned for more updates!

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