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tiny time Monday, January 16, 2012 @ 8:27 PM
Screenshot of Abnormal Alliances in progress

I feel like I haven't updated with a blog entry in a while, so I do so so you guys won't think I'm dead or something. I've been working on Abnormal Alliances episode 1 (pilots don't count as episodes) for as much as I can now.

I went back and deleted a few things to make it better and added in a few neat effects. I hate to take any more extra time animating this but I really want to present this well. Cause I'm a Machinima Director and all. And I'm not using motion tween in everything. I'm pretty much animating it the old fashion way, frame by frame. Sort of. I believe in quality over quantity. I'd rather make one really good work of art then a bunch of mediocre creations.

Well, winter break ends next week. So working on Abnormal Alliances might get push aside. But I swear to myself, I'll try to get it finished by February. The next time I update my blog, my the first episode of Abnormal Alliances will be finished.

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