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tiny time Thursday, December 1, 2011 @ 12:37 PM
The voice acting for my next episode just about finished. The main thing I have to worry about now is getting the animation done. That will probably take a couple of weeks. I have to focus on my college work first before I work on anything else. That's why It's taking longer than usual. So in the meantime, enjoy this blooper video with a few screenshot previews of the animation.

I'm kinda late to tell you guys this but, I FINALLY GOT A PS3!!

My sparkles are crappily drawn. I know -_-

Got it for a good deal too. Under $200. I've wanted one since it first came out but never had enough money. Went through Chrismas's and birthdays wishing for this bad boy. Now that I'm getting checks from college money isn't really an issue for me (as long as my grades are good). If you want something, buy it yourself. That's my motto.

Behringer mixer
Bought a Behringer XENYX502 5-Channel Mixer for the recording.

Behringer mic
Also bought a Behringer C-1 Studio Condenser Microphone. Another fancy, shmacy piece of equipment I had to get for high quality recording.

I have a lot to do these days. With College, class assignments, Christmas shopping, having to go places by bus, I don't have much time to work on the animation. The good news is my semester ends this week and we get winter break. So with all that free time. I'm sure I'll get it done before the break ends.

โ™ฅ Procrastinating
ยป Eating: Pizza sub
ยป Drinking: A blend of different sodas

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