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tiny time Tuesday, June 7, 2011 @ 6:40 PM

Me, my sisters and a friend went out for slushies to a few days ago. Then to the beach and the mall. It was the most fun I had in a long time.

Okay, lately I have been feeling down in the dumps. I recently found out that I didn't get the job I had an interview for. They hired someone else instead :( But theres a good chance things will change. I hope I haven't jinked it by mentioning it on my blog. It's seems every time I right about something before it happens it doesn't happen. Maybe it's just me though. Well, either way I won't say anything about it yet because it hasn't happened yet. All I'll say is, it seems I can but my financial troubles to rest. (Don't jinks me blog!!) haha.

Here's a little something I made today using Photoshop Elements 6.0.

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