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tiny time Tuesday, February 8, 2011 @ 10:44 AM
Lately, well every day now, I have been adding items to my Etsy shop. That means, I have to edit a lot of photos after I take them. Sometimes I give them a soft or vintage tint, or I just highlight them. So in case you haven't seen them, I will display the photo's with the soft or vintage tint below.

They look like they're dancing.

Also from now on, everyone who purchases 3 or more items at my shop will receive their items in this little handmade box with a ribbon and message! (^_^)

I watched the Super Bowl. The Steelers lost. Darn.

Here's my newest item at my shop. It's a pink Narwhal! Have you noticed lately I like narwhals?


Now until February 14th get %10 off any item at Purple Fuse's shop! It's my way of sharing the love with you. ♥ Use the coupon code, LOVE2DAY4U to get %10 off. The code will expire after Valentine's day.

No longer available.

Jason Mraz: A Beautiful Mess
» Eating: Bagel
» Drinking: Orange juice

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