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tiny time Wednesday, February 2, 2011 @ 10:16 AM
I drew this little animation of Domo-kun yesterday. Click on the title, "Dancing Domo-Kun" to view it on my Deviantart account.

Dancing Domo-Kun by ~xxelegantbeautyxx on deviantART

Work in progress (^_^)

Orgionally I was going to make strawberry pocky with these ingrediants (chocolate & strawberry surup). But I accedentally got milk chocolate instead of white chocolate, and some other things went wrong. Oh well, I'll try next time.

I made chocolate pretzels instead.

I haven't had strawberry milk in years!

These photo's are part of Project 365. Yep, I'm still doing it (^_-)

โ™ฅ Motivated
Barcelona: Lesser Things
ยป Eating: Spicy chicken sandwich (so spicy!)
ยป Drinking: water

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