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tiny time Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 2:56 PM
My sewing machine was finally picked up at a repair shop a few days ago! It locked up as soon as I got all the fabric I needed, which annoyed me. I was able to sew somethings the past few days.

Two adorable narwhals.

It was really tiring sewing the cell phone case. The way it's shaped, sewing the inside fabric and zippers, and everything was complicated. Took me 3 days to complete. Would have took 2 if I wasn't sewing something else too. You can get these creations at the Purple Fuse Etsy shop.

These electronic cigarettes are battery operated, rechargeable electronic device, that mimics the experience of smoking a cigarette. These are different because You inhale water vapor. Not smoke, tar, or the other 3000+ chemicals found when burning tobacco. There are also a variety of flavors including tobacco, menthol, cappuccino, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, apple, and cherry

So, I'm thinking of getting these Vapor King Electronic Cigarettes since they aren't harmful like regular cigarettes, but I don't smoke and I'm not sure if I should get the nicotine with it. I don't want to develop an addiction habit either. They say nicotine is about the same as caffeine and that it relaxes you. Is that true?

Oh, also I will be doing that thing again at the bottom that I used to do where I show my mood, what I'm listening to, ext. But without the bunny this time. Too much work for that.

» Eating: Goulash
» Drinking: water

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