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tiny time Monday, November 1, 2010 @ 10:44 AM
Well hi there,

Hope you guys had a fun Halloween. The day before Halloween, I had absolutely nothing planed to do. I wanted to go trick treating, even though some might say I'm too old for that. So at night on Halloween a friend invited me to go with him and a few other kids. I had no costume prepared, so I whipped up a witch hat at the last minute with my trusty sewing machine. It was too cold to wear just a costume anyway.

As we walked down the streets it started raining/snowing, I think it's called slushing. Later that night the slush turned to snow, but we weren done before it started snowing so we didn't see it. My arms were getting tired from carrying that heavy pillow case of candy by then. Yes it was a fun night, we got to play PS3 afterward :D

I've added to new items to my Etsy shop. A Cactus plant figure with hearts and a Poka dotted Cactus plant.

I got the Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep game! I wrote more about it in my Gaming blog.

Photography created and edited by me.

โ™ฅ Good
ยป Eating: Candy from trick or treating!

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