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tiny time Tuesday, August 17, 2010 @ 5:00 PM
Hey all,

Two days ago, I was eating a hot pocket and then I bit on something hard. I thought, "Is there something in this hot pocket? No! Please don't let it be my teeth!" I spit out the food and checked in the mirror. Sure enough, the broken tooth was staring back at me. One forth of my tooth had broken off! Luckily, it was in the back part and can't be seen if I smile or talk.

I was worried because my mom took me off the insurance, so I didn't know if I could pay to get fixed. She thought talking me off the insurance would motivate me to get a job. She thinks 19 years old is too old to still be insured by your parents. What's up with that? In this economy it's harder to get a job so she should be trying to support me. D: That's why I asked you guys to click on my ads that time.

Anyway, today Just got back from the dentist. A dentist lady with a Swedish(I think it was Swedish) accent, did an x-ray on my teeth. She said, "Do you know you have 6 wisdom teeth?" I had a blank expression because I don't know much about them. I saw the x-rays and it looked like I had a lot more teeth then I thought. The dentist seem surprised, one of the dentist even said, "Wow, you're special!"

The dentist said I also need a root canal and that my wisdom teeth need to go. They couldn't don't anything today because of the insurance thing. My mom had to be there. I was kind of relived because I wasn't mentally prepared to get my teeth pulled or something like that. I'll give you an update the next time I go to the dentist.

I got a package in the mail yesterday:

It's a little sowing machine. I plain on making fancy fairy like Victorian dresses. That's why I bought the sowing machine. I had the idea for a while but I thought I need those fancy big sowing machines. This little guy coast only $21 dollars including shipping.

I also finally got my post card prize from Square Enix. Took them 4 months though. They look very nice.

My family and I went to Lolly pop farm on Sunday after church. As kids, me and my sisters loved to go there to look at the animals. Here the statue of the large cow at Lolly Pop farm.

I'll but up a video of the trip to Lolly Pop Farm later.

Edit: Here is the video

โ™ฅ Special
ยป Eating: Chicken and rice
ยป Drinking: Orange Powerade

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