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tiny time Sunday, April 18, 2010 @ 1:22 PM
Hello again!

Lately me and my family have been going to the mail a lot more. We were just shopping for nice clothes for my mom's upcoming wedding (^_^)

It took me a while be I finally found a nice dress to wear. I like those bubble dresses. Although, it was too big so we took it to one of those place's that fix clothes. Here's how it looks:

I also bought the Boondocks on dvd. It's about time I own the dvds for the show.

I bought the Pocky at FYE too ;)

After my family and I went to the mall, we went to a fancy restaurant. It was for my mom's fiance's brothers birthday. I've never been to a restaurant like that before.

The pictures were dark so I had to lighten them, that's why the quaility looks messy ^^;

A cute little maraca (^_^)

The outside of the building area.

By the way I won't be showing my current mood, what I'm listening to, eating, ect. anymore (that little text area with the bunny icon next to it). I think it's unnecessary and it takes too much time. If Bloogger had those features I would use it, but doing it strait on HTML takes too much effort -_-

Well that's all for now!

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